Everglades Fishing Charter

Everglades National Park was dedicated in 1947 for the purpose of establishing conservation boundaries aimed at protecting one of the worlds most remarkable environments. Its unique mangrove habitat is a natural nursery, providing warm water, shelter, and food for many native species of trees, plants, fish and rare animals. Because of that protection The Everglades remain timeless, and virtually untouched by man.

Me, well I grew up here... My name is Houston Brown. I've been a fishing guide here all my life, and to this day I am still amazed at the incredible sights and adventures this remote wilderness has to offer. Among anglers The Everglades is well know as the worlds' leading fishery for Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish, as well as many other great game fish.

Everglades Fishing PhotosThe southern Florida climate is tropical, which allows us to fish pretty much all year round, making it the prefect fishing charter destination. That's not to say that every day is the same, it's not. Our daily fishing charters will traverse a wide variety of ecosystems, from the dense mangroves and brackish water rivers of the "back country", to the saltwater flats of the "outside points" of the Gulf of Mexico.

Although you may already know the renowned fighting ability of Snook, Tarpon, and Redfish, we have a number of other hard fighting species of fish like Permit, Cobia, and Tripletail. Basically, we have such a variety of fish to choose from that each fishing charter ends up being a little different than the last. I guess that's what makes fishing here so much fun to me.

Each day is exciting, starting from the moment we head out of my dock at Outdoor Resorts of Chokoloskee Island. The water is shallow and clear, with a brackish tint. Often we're gliding along the edges of the mangroves in my new 22' Pathfinder boat in water that is between 2 to 8 feet deep. The Pathfinder was built specifically for fishing here, able to run "skinny" (shallow), getting us safely and comfortably to one of my many secret fishing spots.

Regardless of your experience, there is a fishing adventure waiting for you here. So give me a call, and let's go fishing here in Everglades National Park.